Kelsey Rogers

View of Venice, Italy, 1859

Venice was the center of the Mediterranean slave trade in the 14th century, however, it was a significant spot for suppression of the slave trade. There were letters being sent out of Venice to the Foreign Office concerning the suppression but it did not have the same sort of prominence regarding slave trade as it […]

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Trieste, 1859

In the 19th c. Trieste served as the ship-building and commercial center for the Austrian-Hungarian Empire. The Illustrated London News, 13 August 1859. Courtesy of University of Missouri Libraries.

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View of the Plantations near Havana, Cuba, 1859

Sugar and coffee drove the 19th c. Cuban economy. Slaves and wage workers worked large plantations. The plantation owners opposed the abolition movement. Wary of the political power of the planter class Spain was reluctant to end slavery. Slavery in Cuba was abolished in 1886. The Illustrated London News, 19 March 1859. Courtesy of University […]

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View of Halifax Harbor, Nova Scotia, 1859

Enslaved and freed Blacks first arrived in Nova Scotia in the 17th c. In the course of the American Revolutionary war more Blacks sought refuge in Nova Scotia. Slavery was abolished in Canada in 1833. Halifax, a major port city, was deeply enmeshed in the trans-Atlantic slave trade. The Illustrated London News, 5 February 1859. […]

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